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 We are now providing a full service on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.


The Millstream Community Hub is still available, supplying hot meals and helping with essential shopping and prescriptions etc.

If you need help, contact us - details are on our Community Hub page

 Centre Birthday2 Birthdays and Laughter with Bubbles and Cake!


This is what we do -

On Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays the Millstream Centre in the centre of Benson is a buzz of activity.
The managers and Patrick, the chef are in early to set up for the days lunch and activities. 
As the smell of home cooking wafts though the Centre, our team of volunteers begin setting tables for lunch and getting the kettle on to supply the many cups of tea and coffee to be consumed.

The morning entertainments may include reading the newspapers, completing a crossword or puzzle, sitting outside in our garden,  participating in our gardening club, enjoying a YouTube music concert, or recording of bygone times on our huge TV. Our knitting circle is popular, producing items for various charities with large needles and thicker wool if needed for stiff fingers, we always find a solution to an issue. Our Seated Exercise Class runs two days a week and once a month the craft group encourage customers to have a go at card making, paper crafts, flower arranging etc.

When our customers arrive, either under their own steam or using our volunteers transport service, they make themselves comfortable in our lounge area and it’s a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. As our volunteers serve a drink, they also take to time for a chat or to help with a question or request. Our customers are mainly independent and self-caring but if you require a carer to stay with you, they are most welcome too.

Lunch is served at our new dining tables. We try to bring people together and while appreciating established friendship groups, we will introduce new customers in a way to ensure they feel welcome and included.
What can I say about the food?... well, it is great, tasty, fresh, with diets and portions sizes accommodated. We aim to ensure the personal touch. We enjoy a celebration or themed lunch. Birthdays, holidays and special events will be a celebration for all of us. A two-course meal is served at the table with tea and coffee and more chatting to finish off. Some people leave after lunch or stay at the dining tables to chat or play scrabble.

After lunch, a variety of entertainment is on offer. Wednesdays may offer storytelling, a visiting speaker and the ever-popular hand bell ringing session. Friday is often Movie Afternoon. Using the large screen show a range of films, chosen by the customers, complete with an ice cream at half time.

The Millstream Centre has provided a welcoming place for the older villagers of Benson, Ewelme and surrounding villages for almost 40 years to come together for friendship, support and purpose.

We recognize that older adults benefit from continuing an active, varied, community-based lifestyle. We can provide the facilities, opportunities and a helping hand for them to continue their pass times and friendships.

The benefits of volunteering and contributing to the community are also acknowledged. We couldn’t function without our volunteers. Their enthusiasm, skills, experience and enjoyment of their role added to the life and vitality of the Centre.

If you would like some company, appreciate a good meal and might enjoy any of our activities on offer, come and give us a try.
Your first visit is free of charge. Contact us for a chat or to answer any question on 01491 834889.



Providing activities is an important part of what we do at the Centre and has proven health benefits for our customers.

​Boosting Self Esteem

As we move into old age, we may find ourselves feeling disheartened, often due to physical limitations and difficulties associated with our health. Being motivated to try an activity that we haven’t tried before can boost our self-esteem.

​Increasing Social Opportunity

Creative activities provide opportunities to engage with others and socialise, which is particularly important for those who have become isolated and lonely in later life. 

​Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Activities can help us to relax and have fun and this can provide great health benefits. When engaging in and enjoying a creative activity, our brains release feel-good endorphins, which in turn stabilise our heart rate and hormone levels.

​Stimulating Cognitive Function

Regular creative activitie helps keep our brains fit. Taking part in a creative activity often uses a part of our brain that might not necessarily be used during our usual daily routine. The brain relies on exercise and stimulation to keep it alert and sharp and creative activities are especially good for this.

Overcoming Barriers

Creative activities can be especially beneficial for adults with dementia as it helps to build connections, even in situations where there is little verbal communication. It helps them to tap into their imagination and express themselves freely, while activating all of the senses.

Our activities will again include the following and no doubt some new ideas:

  • Crafting

  • Sitting Exercises

  • A Choir

  • Films

  • Talks

  • Games and Quizzes



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